Students Today Leaders Forever is a national nonprofit headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. The organization was founded by four U of M freshman the fall of 2003. Inspired by a conversation they had at a service project, these Territorial Hall residents stayed up late discussing how they could change how the world percieves youth and inspire a generation of leaders. That year they were able to send out their first ever Pay It Forward Tour, a 9 day national service road trip over spring break. Since, STLF has grown and become a multi-state 501(c)3 nonprofit, revealing leadership through service, relationships, and action, while expanding programming to High School and Middle School students.

If you view yourself as a leader, want to grow into leadership roles, want to have a good time, or feel supported, we want you to get involved. Don't hesitate to contact us, subscribe to our newsletter, or explore our website. We love talking about what we do, and some of the unique aspects of our organization from the Core Model to the Week of Kindness. We are proud to say that all of the college Tours and programs are still student led, planned, and facilitated.

About Our Chapter

Since our founding, we have expanded on campus while continuing to pursue our mission. We focus on service and leadership, while having weekly meetings, and many events throughout the year. We are proud to say that we are still continuing to send out Pay It Forward Tours, providing leadership opportunities for 30 students to lead our 4 buses. Our students serve the community, lead organizations, and work on their next big idea. We strongly encourage those who want to get more involved or are just looking for a supportive community to join.

Chapter Meeting Times

We hold bi-weekly meetings on Tuesday nights during the school year at 8:00 PM in 122 Folwell Hall. The strucure of these meeting vary week to week with each week focusing on a different topic including service (with a service project included), or strengthening friendships in our chapter. Contact a member of the core or email STLF to join our emailing list to get updates on meeting locations and upcoming events.

Stop by and check out a meeting to learn how to get more involved. There is NO mandatory weekly attendance or membership fees. We encourage anyone and everyone to attend a meeting or an event!

Pay it Forward Tours

The Pay It Forward Tour is STLF's most well known and longest running program. At the college level, the Tour is a 9 day service based road trip traveling across the country during spring break, March 11th-19th. This year we will be sending out 7 total buses, with buses going to each of our 3 destination cities: Pensacola FL, Dallas TX, and Washington DC. Click here for more information or contact our chapter core.

List of Upcoming Chapter Events:

UMTC Dallas Mystery Tour
This Pay It Forward Tour will have students from U of M Twin Cities and the surrounding area. The Tour will travel over spring break from March 11-19, 2016, to a destination of Dallas, TX, and 5 mystery cities along the way. This is a MYSTERY won't know where you are going until you get there!

Upcoming STLF National Events - Retreats, Conferences, Etc.:

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