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What's this all about?!?!  Is it for students?  Is it for adults?  Is it a vacation?  Where am I?!?!

We realize that several things are going through mind at this very second. So we decided break this down in an easy-to-follow Q&A format:

Why should I sign up for Glory Days Camp?

What a great question! You are very astute. There are literally gadozens (gajillion’s smaller counterpart) of reasons to come to Glory Days Camp but for the sake of space and sanity, we’ll list a couple below:

  • Leadership Camp has been called STLF's most meaningful program but less than 5% of our overall participants have experienced it.  We wanted to create a similar experience for YOU, our adult leaders!
  • Nostalgia! Remember being on a bus with 40ish ridiculously awesome peeps? Remember staying up late and solving world problems, or simply killing off mafia (No guys, I’m the nurse! SHE’S mafia!)? Being an adult doesn’t mean we have to be boring.  Long live the Glory Days!
  • Involve someone in an important part of your life. Maybe you had the great opportunity to be part of STLF but your good friend or significant other didn’t have the chance. Well with the pilot Glory Days “+1” policy (see below for details), they now have the chance to experience a snippet of STLF! WOW!
  • Professional stuff. Maybe you want to network, get some corporate service hours, or simply outdo everyone at the water cooler with your weekend recap. Well the Tour de Glory Days has it all in one!
  • Have a meaningful week that can help you reflect and focus your life. Let’s face it, we’re busy. It’s hard to set aside time for us. Glory Days Camp, in true STLF fashion, will give you a chance to regroup, recharge and refocus on what’s important.

Who can attend Glory Days Camp

Literally ANYONE

  • STLF alumni
  • STLF supporters
  • Significant others
  • Family members
  • Etc

Since this program is designed specifically for adults, we require ALL participants to be above the age of 21 (at the time of the program).

Ok, this sounds like a great opportunity, but what’s it gonna look like?

So here’s how it breaks down:

  • Participants will arrive Thursday afternoon (June 2nd) and check in
  • STLF has booked a HUGE cabin at Wesley Woods Retreat Center that can sleep 80 (WHAT?!?!)
    • See ACCOMODATIONS FAQ below for more details
  • Each day will be a mix of formal programming and free time.  We realize this is a vacation for you so we want you to be able to spend it however you please
  • There will be time for sitting by the beach, getting on/in the water, hiking, napping, reading, socializing, etc.
  • Programming will aim to create meaningful relationships and spark discussion around what it means to continue your leadership journey into adulthood and beyond!

I'm PUMPED but I can't take a lot of time off work

We totally get it!  We've tried to pack as much of an experience into a short amount of time to avoid a significant amount of vacation from work.

Arrival:  Thursday, June 2nd (late afternoon)

Departure:  Sunday, June 5th (late morning)

Wesley Woods Retreat Center

  • 2 Hours from Chicago, IL
  • 5 Hours from Minneapolis, MN
  • 6 Hours from Detroit, MI
  • Closest Airports
    • Milwaukee, WI (MKE) - 50 miles
    • Madison, WI (MSN) - 68 miles
    • Chicago O'Hare (ORD) - 70 miles

What are the accomodations like?

STLF has booked the largest cabin available at Wesley Woods Retreat Center in preperation for anywhere from 40 - 80 participants.  Our cabin has bunk style beds with larger rooms and more private rooms available.  We will ensure that some rooms are made available for single genders to make sure everyone is comfortable.

An industrial kitchen and plenty of common/lounge space is available in our cabin however many of the meals will be prepared by trained chef's in Wesley Woods dining center.

How much will the Glory Days Camp Cost?

Glory Days Camp will cost $450 per person.

The first 20 people to sign up will receive a discounted price of $425

Spectacular! What will be included in the price of Glory Days Camp?

So glad you asked!  Your experience will include a $175 donation to STLF, 3 meals per day, 3 nights of lodging, a customized STLF gift and a few fun extras!

Are lake rentals available?

YES!  We will have access to fun accessories like the one's listed here.  Some of these may come at an additional cost that participants will be responible for.  

I have to eat, often multiple times a day.  Can you tell me more about how the meals will be addressed?

We want to make sure everyone is receiving nutricious food to make sure they're staying healthy and energized on the tour.

Most meals will be provided in the Wesley Woods dining facility however some meals may be purchased and prepared by STLF for special occasions.  Snacks will be prevalent but please be sure to bring items you enjoy or snacks to share with the group.

Is the cost of this trip tax deductible?

Why yes it is! By attending Glory Days Camp you are both taking part in a wonderful STLF experience, growing as an individual, and making a donation to STLF. $175 of the trip cost is a donation to STLF. Thank you for supporting young people across the nation!

Is the trip refundable if my plans change?

If something comes up after you have registered and you are unable to make it to Glory Days Camp, a majority of your fee is fully refundable. However, due to charitable giving regulations, the $175 donation portion is non-refundable.

Is alcohol allowed at Glory Days Camp?

Unlike every other program, we realize that everyone is an of-age adult at Glory Days Camp. We also know that in order to run a successful, meaningful, and safe trip, alcohol must have a limited role.  We ask that participants refrain from drinking (or overindulging) during formal programming time.  The retreat facility prefers that alcohol not be consumed on the premisis BUT they have given us a wink-wink / nudge-nudge to have beverages in the cabin.  

It's BYOB(everages) so please come prepared with your libation of choice.

What about weapons, drugs, or other illegal substances?

STLF does have a zero tolerance policy on these items. If any participant at Glory Days Camp possesses any of these items, he or she will be sent home at his or her expense. If that is the case, the trip is non-refundable.

I'm SUPER INTERESTED!  How can I get my name on your list?

Registration for both adventures will launch in February!  In the mean time, you can stay updated by providing us your name and contact information on this Interest List.

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