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Alumni Profile: Patrick Cauley

Patrick Cauley is from Minnetonka, Minnesota and graduated from University of Minnesota-Duluth in 2017. Patrick is now an engineer at OATI in Minneapolis, MN.

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Check out what past campers think of STLF's Leadership Camps

~ I gained a new perspective on life from my camp experience.  Everyone has their own story to tell, and you will never know that story if you never give them the chance to express it.  After only five days at camp, I have made life-long friends.  I found out who I was and who I wanted to be as a person, I found that my struggles are common and that I had spent too much time dwelling on them in the past."  ~ Holly from Minnesota

~ "Camp was indescribable! Making best friends no matter how far you leave them.  Learning each other's stories and morals while growing as young adults" ~ Jessica from California

~  "Leadership Camp changed my life.  I am so honored to have met every single person there and I can honestly say that I have never been so inspired to change the world!  The people I have met at STLF Camp have made a monumental impact on my life and I will always remember how loving everyone was" ~ Audrey from Illinois


~ "My 5 summers spent at STLF's leadership camps were all amazing! Making life-long friends, learning how to be a better leader and growing to become a better person are just a few of the things you'll love about camp. I would recommend it to everyone!!!" ~ Elena from Minnesota

~ "Camp meant making best friends for life and learning more than I ever thought I could know about myself!"  ~ Michaela from Wisconsin (now attending Pacific Lutheran University)

~ "Gap Camp helped me become a transitional leader from high school to college.  You become a small fish in a big pond but you can still make a big impact on your dorm floor.  I encourage others to leave their comfort zone, it is the greatest thing they can do!" ~ Michael from North Dakota (now attending Creighton University)


~ Winning the Hearing Advocate of the Year award, was the best thing that had ever happend to me. It has taught me so many things like anything is possible if you set your mind to it and to never care what people say and just be yourself. With the award money, I chose to go to a one week summer camp called Students Today Leaders Forever (STLF). For me, this camp was a home away from home. Everyone was friends with everyone. There was no judging what - so - ever, everyone was there for eachother. STLF taught me how to be even more confident in myself and others, how to work as a team, and just put yourself out there and "think outside the box." The best thing though was all the friends I made. I did not know a single person there, but when I left I had about 100 new friends. Out of the 120 or so people at camp, I had about almost half of everyone tell me how I inspire them with my story. Hearing that, was the most AMAZING feeling in my life. To know that I had inspired so many just by sharing a piece of my life with them. By the end of the week, I didn't just have new friends, I had another family. I never thought I could cry so much for people I had only known for one week. So here is some advice for all of you, advocate for yourself, if you don't, you will miss out on all the wonderful things in life. I can honestly say, that winning this award has changed my life, because it gave me the chance and the confidence to become who I really want to be. Without it, I would have never met those amazing people that I now call my second family. Thank you. ~ Katie from Illinois




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My Story - Ayoola "Ay" Okuribido

STLF shaped Ay's college experience and prepared him future leadership skills

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