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During her first college tour season on staff, Thelmy reflects on her STLF journey.

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Everyone has a story to tell. Here is a collection of stories related to STLF submitted by students, parents, supporters, partners, and more. Explore the stories, post comments, and submit one of your own to be posted soon! Thanks for reading!

My Story - Natalie Konopka

Posted on 23-Feb-16 12:16. Comments (0)

Natalie's whole world view changed after her first PIF Tour! Like so many she jumped on a bus without knowing exactly what she was doing, and ha never regretted it.

My Story - Lukas Tenuta

Posted on 23-Feb-16 11:47. Comments (0)

Lukas almost didn't go on tour! His SO glad he did! Read as he tells us about the importance of teamwork, positive outlooks, and quality time!

My Story - Nick Haeny

Posted on 07-Dec-15 15:53. Comments (1)

Nick has been on tour every year for the last 20% of his life!

My Story - Lexi LaPearl

Posted on 22-Oct-15 10:00. Comments (0)

Lexi, high school junior, was blown away by the impact she and her peers were able to make!

My Story - Madhura Pradhan

Posted on 18-May-15 09:23. Comments (0)

High School student, Madhura, tells us about her first PIF Tour experience.

My Story - Meghan Markwell

Posted on 02-Feb-15 13:02. Comments (0)

Meghan explores her experience with STLF, touching upon her learnings and her goals.

My Story - Cherub Ravoori

Posted on 02-Feb-15 09:58. Comments (0)

Cherub discuses his experiences with STLF on his first ever Pay It Forward Tour

My Story - Miah Gray

Posted on 19-Nov-14 11:20. Comments (0)

Miah, a Leadership Camp participant talks about her experience and finding understanding.

My Story - Jessica Qian

Posted on 10-Oct-14 10:21. Comments (0)

Jessica, a Leadership Camp participant talks about her experience and finding understanding.

My Story - Sophie, Minnetonka High School

Posted on 13-May-14 11:38. Comments (0)

Sophie wrote an essay about STLF for an application, and wanted to share it with the STLF community. Enjoy!

My Story - Mariam Jalloul

Posted on 07-Nov-13 22:10. Comments (0)

After Paying It Forward multiple times, Mariam discovers opportunities outside of her zip code and comfort zone. Most often girls in her community do not leave home for college, but Mariam decided to be a role model for other young women around her.

My Story - Christian Pierce

Posted on 30-Apr-13 15:04. Comments (2)

In this essay for his English class on a time that had meaning in his life, Christian recaps his first Pay It Forward Tour. Peek in to see what fuels his desire to serve and his view of the gift of giving.

My Story - Kevin Parkinson

Posted on 03-Apr-13 13:35. Comments (3)

"You don't have to solve world hunger or cure cancer to be a leader. My students were leaders the moment they sought solutions for problems in their community, big or small. My students were leaders when they saw the potential for change in themselves."

My Story - Devin Hacker

Posted on 16-Jan-12 11:37. Comments (6)

"After going on Tour my life would never be the same. I became part of something bigger, I changed lives, I inspired others, I gave back and I became a part of a family."

My Story - Dasha

Posted on 19-Dec-11 12:14. Comments (0)

"Sometimes during this trip I thought, why aren’t there any non-profit organizations in Ukraine that just help people and make this world better such as STLF. I really felt sorry for my country at that moment. But one thing I realized is that I can make a contribution to my country and help Ukrainians to understand that they are a part of something bigger than themselves and they can change negative situations in their country through community service."

My Story - Jessica

Posted on 06-Dec-11 12:40. Comments (0)

If I never found this camp, I doubt I would be the person I am now. This has impacted me in ways I never thought it could. It has impacted me to keep being the change that the world is ready to see and make a brighter future for myself; academically, and socially outside of my textbooks and classrooms.

My Story - Alexis Olson

Posted on 28-Dec-09 10:07. Comments (0)

It was this that I realized on my first Pay It Forward Tour. When I stepped of the bus I understood perfectly that these acquaintances had become my friends in just five days, and tears streamed down my cheeks as we realized that we had to say goodbye...

My Story - AZ Cobon

Posted on 18-Dec-09 18:02. Comments (0)

I reflect on all the experiences I have had in my now 6 years of travel. Now at 23 countries I have been to some amazing places. Seen some amazing things. There is no doubt in my mind however that it’s the people we meet that make the experience...

My Story - David

Posted on 18-Dec-09 15:08. Comments (0)

My school's administration has also warmed to the spirit of Pay It Forward, and is very supportive of mine and other students' efforts to do good in these small, but deeply meaningful ways...

My Story - Susie Suwalski

Posted on 15-Dec-09 13:02. Comments (0)

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of welcoming a High School Pay It Forward Tour into my church for the evening. As I was directing kids where to go and where everything was, I remember thinking that I had come full circle...

My Story - Hannah Youngquist

Posted on 22-Sep-09 12:08. Comments (3)

This summer I was lucky enough to discover an organization called Students Today Leaders Forever. I joined a five day Pay It Forward Tour leaving from Minneapolis in June of this year. I’m still in awe of what a fantastic, life-changing experience it was...

My Story - Joey Edwards

Posted on 29-Jun-09 11:09. Comments (0)

I never expected to be a truly different person after my STLF Gap Camp experience. I have had many leadership camp experiences before, but none quite like this. Gap Camp changed my life, but even more than that, the people did....

My Story - STLF Camp Leaders

Posted on 28-Jun-09 18:54. Comments (0)

Seven students who took part in STLF's High School Leadership Camp and Gap Camp last week tell their story of their experience. Read more to learn more about the impact of STLF Camp in their lives and in the lives of many others last week. All in all, over 50 high school students and 18 college student crew members had an incredible experience.


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STLF shaped Ay's college experience and prepared him future leadership skills

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