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During her first college tour season on staff, Thelmy reflects on her STLF journey.

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Everyone has a story to tell. Here is a collection of stories related to STLF submitted by students, parents, supporters, partners, and more. Explore the stories, post comments, and submit one of your own to be posted soon! Thanks for reading!

My Story - Ayoola "Ay" Okuribido

Posted on 09-Jan-17 17:22. Comments (0)

STLF shaped Ay's leadership and prepared him for the future. It gave him the opportunity to connect with fellow students through an unexpected experience.

My Story - Amelia Smith

Posted on 13-May-16 11:48. Comments (1)

My Story - Mitch Rand

Posted on 13-May-16 11:28. Comments (0)

My Story - Alyssa Iverson

Posted on 23-Feb-16 15:05. Comments (0)

Alyssa found another family through STLF!

My Story - Michele Vang

Posted on 23-Feb-16 14:46. Comments (0)

Michelle is shy and and introvert. STLF made her feel welcome and helped her grow.

My Story - Kana Vang

Posted on 23-Feb-16 14:08. Comments (0)

Kana started with STLF as a freshman in high school, check out her journey.

My Story - Lydia Reardon

Posted on 23-Feb-16 13:58. Comments (0)

Lydia only knew two people on her bus when it left River Falls but she gained confidence and a passion for doing good via the PIF Tour.

My Story - Rita Wirth

Posted on 16-Feb-16 12:55. Comments (0)

STLF shaped Rita's college experience and prepared her for the future. It gave her the opportunity and support needed in first time leadership significantly before any other organization.

My Story - Maddie Woiwode

Posted on 27-Oct-15 13:59. Comments (0)

Maddie felt immediately welcomed to her first STLF meeting... and six years later, there is no stopping her! Her heartwarming story of overcoming life obstacles is as inspiring as she.

My Story - Frankie Lill

Posted on 21-Sep-15 11:15. Comments (0)

Frankie tells heartfelt stories, provides insight into leadership, personal growth, and mature decisions. We can learn so much from her, and are so excited to share this My Story with you.

My Story - Manasee Bharathan

Posted on 10-Sep-15 15:31. Comments (0)

Manasee was Bus Core on her first ever STLF experience, she gained much and grew even more.

My Story - Mady Roman

Posted on 02-Jun-15 12:24. Comments (0)

University of Wisconsin-River Falls student, Mady talks about breaking out of her shell.

My Story - Ciera Lucich

Posted on 21-Apr-15 14:15. Comments (0)

Ciera, a student from Illinois State University reflects on her STLF learnings, as graduation approaches.

My Story - Jennifer Chounlakone

Posted on 18-Mar-15 12:39. Comments (0)

Read Jennifer's story! Find about how STLF has influenced her through the years.

My Story - Aurea Malave

Posted on 02-Feb-15 10:20. Comments (0)

Aurea discuses her experiences with STLF at the Western Illinois University chapter

My Story - Sam Finch

Posted on 16-Dec-14 12:56. Comments (0)

Sam discusses her first time going on a Pay-It-Forward tour and everything she has learned from her wondrous experience with STLF.

My Story - Jon Rylander

Posted on 29-Oct-14 15:58. Comments (0)

Jon discuses his experiences with STLF and many teachings he has picked up along the way.

My Story - Jordie, ISU

Posted on 17-Jun-14 10:49. Comments (0)

"I honestly now believe that everyone is born with the capability to lead, they just need a push to find their abilities. I was able to find mine during this experience and vowed to keep signing up for leadership roles." - Jordie Arkels

My Story - Danny Grieve

Posted on 08-Apr-14 15:04. Comments (0)

Danny Grieve, a senior at Illinois State University shares some of his favorite STLF memories and encourages YOU to get move involved!

My Story - Amber Altstadt

Posted on 29-Aug-13 11:54. Comments (0)

Amber submitted this story a year ago to share STLF's impact in her life. Follow Amber from high school to undergrad through STLF and see how she has extended beyond STLF since!

My Story - Kjersti Fried

Posted on 30-Apr-13 15:21. Comments (0)

Kjersti shares why being a bus core leader is a different experience than being a participant. She shares her gratitude for seeing a diverse group of people being knit into a family.

My Story - Joe Powers

Posted on 15-Oct-12 13:23. Comments (0)

"As I go on to lead ISU mystery bus 1 this upcoming spring I am ecstatic to help fellow students overcome their struggles while revealing their leadership potential. I want nothing more than for every participant to have an amazing experience gaining insight into themselves and their potential."

My Story - Lo Cassidy

Posted on 11-Jun-12 11:36. Comments (0)

“The mission of STLF is to reveal leadership through service, action, and relationships”. That isn’t a mission; a mission implies a wish for something. Consider that statement a promise. A promise implies fact. I can promise, if you let it, STLF will change your life. I know it changed mine.

Our Story - Audrey and Tyler

Posted on 04-Jun-12 10:04. Comments (1)

STLF students Audrey (IL) and Tyler (MN) met each other at Leadership Camp during the summer of 2011 where they created a remarkable friendship.

My Story - Danielle, MSUM

Posted on 04-Apr-12 12:24. Comments (0)

"When I joined STLF this past fall as a freshman at MSUM, I was told by numerous people that going on the Pay It Forward tour would forever change my life. I knew it would probably be a humbling experience, but wasn't sure it would have that much of an impact on me."


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My Story - Ayoola "Ay" Okuribido

STLF shaped Ay's college experience and prepared him future leadership skills

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