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STLF is Officially Accountable!

STLF is first nonprofit to meet all new accountability standards of the Charities Review Council.

Author: Brian Peterson, STLF

Earlier this spring, the Twin Cities-based Charities Review Council launched its newly revised accountability standards for nonprofits.  The Charities Review Council has been reviewing nonprofits according to its initial set of accountability standards first drafted in 1998.  According to the Charities Review Council website, "addressing four distinct areas of accountability— Public Disclosure, Governance, Financial Activity and Fundraising, the Standards represent a measurable, specific indicator of a broader philosophy statement accompanying each standard."

STLF First to Meet New Standards!

Charities Review CouncilOver three years ago during the spring of 2007, STLF became the youngest nonprofit ever to be reviewed and approved as meeting all current standards of the Charities Review Council.  The organization at that time was two years old and completely volunteer-run.  Now, soon after the release of the new accountability standards this year, STLF became the first nonprofit to be reviewed and meet all new standards this past month.  Click here to view the full report of STLF's review.

STLF strives to be a completely open book.  These accomplishments are a testament to the transparency and attention to accountability of STLF's Board and Staff.  Our highest responsibilities are to making the biggest impact possible with the time, energy, and resources we are so fortunate to receive from our community of supporters and donors.

A Testament to the Importance of the Standards

According to STLF Co-Founder and Charities Review Council Board Member Irene Fernando, "The Council's new standards represent the ideal benchmarks that every organization should strive for.  Completing this comprehensive review process and meeting all standards is an accomplishment that all supporters of STLF should be proud of.

Furthermore, in a recent article on the new standards in the Philanthropy Journal, Charities Review Council Executive Director Rich Cowles adds, "Ultimately, charities that meet the standards provide peace of mind for donors who want assurances that they're making smart giving decisions in supporting accountable, transparent and trustworthy organizations." 

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