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Alumni Profile: Patrick Cauley

Patrick Cauley is from Minnetonka, Minnesota and graduated from University of Minnesota-Duluth in 2017. Patrick is now an engineer at OATI in Minneapolis, MN.

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Leave Others Better

Author: Kayla Olinger

Kayla transitions out of her role with STLF

One of the first things STLF taught me was to always leave every place better than we found it. I believe the same thing is true about people.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if every person we met, we left a little better than before? One of my favorite speeches was given by David Foster Wallace in which he discusses how each of us goes through the menial tasks of “adulting”. We get stuck in traffic, behind people in the grocery store, and even in parking lots when we are trying to be social. We have to deal with the basic boredom that can come with growing up. This can cause us to get hardwired into a negative mindset of believing everyone is in our way.

I am here to tell you that you can break out of this mindset. You can change the way you look at situations and people. Every morning I am stuck in traffic for at least a few minutes at a complete standstill and every morning I dance in my car because if I’m going to be stuck, it’s going to be fun. Every time I am at the grocery store or restaurant, I make sure to thank the person helping me as much as possible. These are just two simple ways that your day and others can be better.

As I transition out of my role as the Programs Expansion Fellow, I am blessed to say see you later to an organization I love and hopefully get to leave a little better. The past seven years have helped me grow as an individual and a leader. This organization continues to introduce me to countless leaders who are helping make this world a little better. I know I will take the skills you taught me as I head to Duluth, MN to fulfill my dream of earning a doctorate of physical therapy.

Thank you to STLF for years of support, love, and kindness. Thank you for inspiring me to be better. Thank you for leaving every place and person a little better than you found them.

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My Story - Ayoola "Ay" Okuribido

STLF shaped Ay's college experience and prepared him future leadership skills

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