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Results are in!

Give to the Max Day 2012 sets another STLF record!

"GTMD" Breakdown

With such a big day like Give to the Max Day STLF likes to do a little analysis to get a bigger picture of what makes it so successful.

This year, 415 individuals came together (online) November 15 to support STLF and our programs!  This one 24-hour period comprises almost 1/4 of our total fundraising for the year and makes a huge difference in the financial aid we can offer and the leadership training we can provide. 

This year, our stats-man Nick "Nickers" Lindberg put together a little analysis to help us zoom out and not just see every individual who helped make this possible, but see how folks are connected to STLF. 

The numbers you'll see below are nothing short of incredible and inspiring. From current participants to people who just love what STLF does, each number represents a person who took the time to donate and chose STLF to leverage his or her philanthropic dollars.  We are so so so appreciative and grateful for every contribution and, as you'll see below, each donation makes a difference and adds up to big things!

Overall numbers:

  • 415 people donated online as a part of Give to the Max Day
  • Gifts totaled $78,558 = $42,157 donated online + $35,400 in matching funds + $1,000 Top Ten finish +$1 found on the office floor on GTMD
  • STLF finished in the Top Ten for our category for the second year in a row, earning a bonus $1,000 cash prize
  • STLF comprised 7% of ALL donations in the state between midnight and 1am (4,300+ organizations participated in GTMD)
  • The amount donated on GTMD in enough to cover the cost of 827 students who want to reveal their leadership through STLF
The generosity and commitment that lie behind every one of those bullets above make us extremely proud and humbled to a part of such a wonderful group.  To get a better idea of how those people relate to STLF, check out these digits:
  • 39 of the people who donated are brand new to STLF
  • 57 donors are parents of STLF participants and leaders
  • 110 peeps are STLF alumni who continue to contribute to STLF
  • 128 are current participants who really believe in the organization
  • 147 are first-time donors
  • 100% of STLF staff donated on GTMD
  • 83% of the 415 donors gave $100 or less - it takes a team to put STLF in the Top Ten
While the STLF staff gets a bit less sleep around Give to the Max Day, it still marks on of the most exciting and energizing days of the year.  Each donation is a reminder of the wonderful students, alumni, parents, and community supporters with whom we get to work on a daily basis, and a reminder of how lucky we are to be part of such a loving network.  

You are helping young people change their lives and shifting the trajectory of our world.

Thank you for believing in STLF and continuing to reveal leadership through service, relationships, and action!



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