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CRIC 2014 High School Pay It Forward Tour

The CRIC High School Pay It Forward Tour will have students from the CRIC Collaborative. The Pay It Forward Tour will take place from June 10th-14th destined for Chicago, IL.

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GiveMN AmeriCorps VISTA Spots

Want to work with fun people who care about helping nonprofits across the state?

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Welcome to the STLF Blog!

Explore the blog for posts about STLF, leadership, education, and more; all from the perspective of STLF's National Office Staff and guest bloggers. Feel free to add to the discussion by posting comments. Thanks for following!

Time 13:08

Showers & Flowers Playlist

For April's playlist, check out the 15 songs that celebrate the beginning of spring after a long winter. This playlist starts with April Showers and ends with May Flowers. Thanks to Kali Dale for the theme suggestion!

Time 16:03

GiveMN AmeriCorps VISTA Spots

Our friends at GiveMN share about their new opportunities available through the AmeriCorps VISTA program.

Time 19:32

STLF Presents: The College Summer PIF Tour!

Are you a college student? Do you love STLF, but haven't been able to make it onto a college PIF Tour yet? If so, this opportunity is for YOU!

Time 17:41

Positions Open for St. Paul VISTA Programs

The St. Paul Mayor's Office VISTA Programs offers diverse opportunities, a high degree of responsibility and requires nothing but committed individuals.

Time 12:12

Check out Dwolla!

Dwolla connects directly to your bank account so you can make payments to friends and businesses online. It's also the cheapest way to donate to STLF via the interwebz. Click the link to learn more!

Time 13:36

March Matchness Recap: Congrats NDSU and CSB/SJU!

Thank you to everyone who participated in March Matchness 2014! We all hope you had as much fun with STLF's newest tradition as we did!

Time 16:01

Truly processing my very last Pay it Forward Tour

Co-founder Irene Fernando reflects on her last Tour, before transitioning out this fall.

Time 14:09

The PIFT Traveling Playlist

The last Pay It Forward Tours of the 2014 College PIFT Season are on the road now! We hope you'll enjoy our March blog playlist, which is all about traveling, the next time you find yourself on a coach bus with 40 strangers.

Time 14:14

Apply to be Camp Crew!

Crew is a once in a lifetime experience that you don't want to miss out on. Apply today!

Time 09:45

Apply to be Our Next Co-Executive Director... TODAY!

Applications formally open today and are accepted through March 28th. Spread the word!

Time 13:12

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Caroline shares her feelings about tour shirts and STLF's shiny new merch

Time 17:18

What working here is like...and why you might want a job!

The people on the HR Core (HaRdCore) do some things but not everyone knows what they are...even them sometimes. Nick Wiebusch expounds on what is needed to enjoy working with STLF on the HR Core.

Time 15:44

#TourTuesday Playlist

For February's playlist, check out these 15 songs that remind us of Pay It Forward Tour memories. This is also our first collaborative playlist; let us know what songs bring back Tour memories, and we'll add it to the playlist!

Time 18:16

Josh shares about his experience as a Co-Executive Director

Josh shares his experience in the Co-Executive Director role and how you can be a part of the process!

Time 16:04

Camp registration opens February 24th

It is never too early to start thinking about camp! STLF's Gap, High School, and Middle School Leadership Camp registration opens February 24th.

Time 14:24

Irene Shares Thoughts on Her Transition

Irene reflects as her transition goes live, and STLF begins searching for the next Co-Executive Director.

Time 12:00

STLF Co-Executive Director Leadership Succession Begins Today!

STLF’s leadership models center on our mission and values. Could this be your next adventure, or the next adventure of someone you know? Help us spread the word!!

Time 11:51

Looking Ahead: March Matchness

"But February just started, Caroline! Why are we talking about March already!?" Because March means so many exciting things for STLF - college tours, sports?, and March Matchness!

Time 16:32

STLF's Resolutions Playlist

One study suggests that, of those who started 2014 with a New Year's Resolution, only about 70% are still on track today, less than a month later! We hope this blog and playlist centered around resolutions will help you reflect on your path of self-improvement.

Time 16:36

Happy Tuesday, Everybody!


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My Story - United Way North Central Iowa

United Way- North Central Iowa shares a story about the best Valentine's Day present they could have received: a visit from an STLF PIF Tour!

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