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Chapters/Leadership Opportunities

There are endless opportunities for college students to lead in STLF.  Regardless of past experience and your year in school, STLF is a perfect organization for you to gain experience in leadership, organizing, and working with great people to turn ideas into reality.

Chapter Leadership Opportunities:

All STLF Chapters have been founded by and are completely led by volunteer college student leaders.  Some leadership opportunities within each chapter include:

  • Chapter Core - Core of 3-5 people responsible for overseeing all operations and programs of our organization.
  • Bus Core - Cores of 3-5 people responsible for organizing, planning, and facilitating all components of the Pay It Forward Tour over spring break.
  • Event and Volunteer Cores - Groups of students working to carry out events on campus or local volunteer projects.  If you have an idea for an event or project, here's a great way to make it happen with the support of STLF.

STLF National Leadership Opportunities:

All programs of STLF are carried out by college student volunteers working as part of a core of 3-5 people.  From being a College Core Leader on a High School Pay It Forward Tour, to starting new Chapters, to planning our Annual Fundraising Event, students are finding countless ways to lead and make a difference through STLF.

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My Story - Ayoola "Ay" Okuribido

STLF shaped Ay's college experience and prepared him future leadership skills

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