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Breakthrough High School Pay It Forward Tour

The Breakthrough High School Pay It Forward Tour will have students from the Breakthrough Program in the Twin Cities. The Pay It Forward Tour will take place from October 14th-18th destined for Omaha, NE

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Answering Future Questions

What future questions can you start answering now?

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University of St. Thomas

Welcome to STLF's St. Thomas Chapter website.  Here we will keep you posted with updates and opportunities for involvement in STLF at St. Thomas.  Thanks for your interest!

About Our Chapter

The St. Thomas Chapter of STLF was founded by students in 2005, and the organization is in its 10th year on campus.  We have sent out a Pay It Forward Tour from St. Thomas for the past nine years, and also plan various service projects and other local initiatives on campus and around the community throughout the year.  If you have an idea to make a difference at St. Thomas, STLF is a great group of people to help make it a reality.

Chapter Meeting Times

Are you interested in getting more involved in STLF.... soon? Contact ust@stlf.net for more details!

Join our facebook group : http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=8770615235

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/USTSTLF

For more opportunities, see Calendar of Events soon!

Pay it Forward Tours

We will be sending out 3 buses!!!

All three buses will stop in 5 cities on the way to our celebration city,Washington, DC. In each city, we will do a service project, have time to tour the city and free time.

There is a $125 non-refundable down payment required to reserve your spot!  Don't miss out!  Registration coming November 13th!!

List of Upcoming Chapter Events:

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Upcoming STLF National Events - Retreats, Conferences, Etc.:

Human Hungry Hungry Hippos Tournament
Students Today Leaders Forever presents the Twin Cities Human Hungry Hungry Hippos Tournament! Join us August 22nd, 1-4pm at the University Baptist Church. Free to attend and a low cost to compete. The winning team will win a prize! STLF's is known for building community and fostering strong relationships among diverse groups of students through fun activities and service. Now, we want to share our community and culture with you! Let's have a blast playing a goofy game while supporting a great cause--STLF. Proceeds from the tournament will go towards STLF and our programs so that we can continue to reveal leadership in young people. A favorite childhood game has turned life-sized. Gather a team of three or four together and compete in this epic competition of nostalgic awesomeness. Victory will take strength, skill, and a will to collect as many tiny spheres as hippo-ly possible!

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My Story - Amber Willingham

Brave Amber jumped on her first tour without knowing anyone!

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