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Chapters/Leadership Opportunities

There are endless opportunities for college students to lead in Students Today, Leaders Forever.  Regardless of past experience and your year in school, STLF is a perfect organization for you to gain experience in leadership, organizing, and working with great people to turn ideas into reality.

No matter what career path you follow, there is a very good chance you will have to work in a group, and STLF will teach you some of the leadership skills in order to do so. Before you consider being a part of our leadership team, we highly recommend you participate in a Pay it Forward Tour! Below are the majority of opportunities we as a chapter offer to learn about yourself as a leader by working with STLF.

Chapter Leadership Opportunities

All STLF Chapters have been founded by and are completely led by volunteer college student leaders.  Some leadership opportunities within each chapter include:

  • Chapter Core - Core of people responsible for overseeing all operations and programs of our organization. 
    • The Chapter Core keep the chapter running and make sure things are getting done so that trips can go out sucessfully. Being selected as a Chapter Core gives you a chance to build STLF's presence on campus and help create great experiences for the participants. It also offers more experience with "big picture" planning in addition to some of the smaller details.
  • Bus Core - Cores of ~4-6 people responsible for organizing, planning, and facilitating all components of the Pay It Forward Tour over spring break.
    • The Bus Core are the backbone of a Pay it forward tour. Working as a bus core provides a "full immersion" experience in planning and the skills learned are applicable in almost any career someone might choose. "My experience as a bus core revealed a great deal about myself as a leader, helped me to address my shortcomings and caused me to grow a lot." -Nick Miller (Bus Core 2016)
  • Event and Volunteer Cores - Groups of students working to carry out events on campus or local volunteer projects.  If you have an idea for an event or project, here's a great way to make it happen with the support of STLF. 
    • As our chapter builds a stronger presence on campus, we will need more capacity to plan events and get the word out! If you're interested, we recommend you email us either after tours return in March or April!

What You Will Gain

Working as a member of our chapter's leadership will give you an opportunity to further expand your leadership abilities, while helping others build upon their own. 

  • A powerful network: Members of our leadership pursue and attain careers in everything from Medicine to Engineering to Politics and more. Over the course of your time with STLF you will become close with those you work with and the rest of the chapter. 
  • Extensive experience in planning: All positions in our chapter are involved in a large amount of planning and greatly develop their abilities because of it. 


Following the completion of Spring Break Pay it Forward Tours, we'll begin the process of selecting Bus and Chapter Core for the following year. We will provide any and all application materials for bus core here. Potential Chapter Core are selected individually.

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