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Michigan State's Chapter of Students Today Leaders Forever

Our Mission: Revealing leadership through service, relationships and action.

Our Vision: To energize generations of servant leaders

Since its founding in the Fall of 2009 MSU's chapter of STLF has successfully sent close to 1,000 students on life changing trips to cities throughout the United States. Our participants and leaders have been everywhere from New Orleans, Louisiana, to New York City,New York and from Denver, Colorado to Pensacola, Florida. 

And the list keeps growing! This past year, 165 students traveled to Pensacola, Florida stopping in 18 different cities along the way and performing more than 2,500 hours of service in communities that needed it over the course of the trip. 

We continue to be committed to both our mission and vision, and making a meaningful impact in all the places we visit.

MSU Chapter and Bus Core

Though we are run and supported by a national office, the day to day operation of our chapter is handled completely by a dedicated, volunteer, leadership team, known as a Chapter core. The individual pay it forward tours are planned by smaller units known as Bus Core. 

If you'd like to learn about our 34 core members, click Here to see our core's roster.

If you're interested in what being a core means, click Here to see some of the opportunities we have open.

Other Universities

Do you have friends that go to another university that you'd love to go on a PIF Tour with? Well then bring them along! STLF is unique in that we accept participants from any university and MSU STLF is no different! 

Since we started sending out trips, we've had Broncos, Chips, Wolverines, and even a Sun Devil all the way from Arizona State! So call, text, snap, DM, or send smoke signals to your friends and tell them to join you on an awesome trip! 

Staying Informed

The best way to stay informed on all of the events we host throughout the year is to sign up for our newsletter, which you can sign up for Here

Any questions not answered here? Feel free to reach out to our dedicated chapter core by email at MSU@stlf.net or on Facebook!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook!


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My Story - Ayoola "Ay" Okuribido

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