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Black Student Union of Spring Lake Park High School Pay It Forward Tour

Black Student Union of Spring Lake Park High School Pay It Forward Tour is destined for St. Louis, MO February 15-19, 2018 and will visit different cities along the way!

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Gustavus Adolphus College

About Our Chapter

Welcome to STLF's Gustavus Chapter website. Founded in Spring 2014 by a group of freshmen Gusties, the Gustavus STLF chapter seeks to energize generations of student leaders through service, relationships and action.

Our first Pay It Forward Tour embarked during Spring Break 2015. Our group traveled to 6 cities and finished the tour in Washington D.C. with several other chapters. In each city, we completed amazing service projects, learned about diversity and leadership and did some tourism as well!

We are grateful for the excitement our group has been received with during our first year on campus. We hope to continue the positive energy by putting forward more community events like the Pay It Forward Tour!

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Chapter Meeting Times

Bus Core meets every Thursday at 5:30 pm. Chapter Core meets 2x a month.

Please contact us with the info below to find a time to get together and learn more about opportunities for involvement and leadership in STLF.

Email us with questions!


Pay it Forward Tours

The first Pay It Forward Tour (2015) was a cross country trip to Washington D.C. with service projects, leadership initiatives and tourism in 6 cities. In Washington D.C., our bus of around 35 students joined other college students from across the Midwest for service, celebration, and fun. The Tour is open to any and all students from any school! 

Our 2016 Pay It Forward Tour will embark to New Orleans, LA over spring break. We will travel to 6 cities over the course of 9 days.

Day 1: Saint Peter, MN --> Columbia, MO

Day 2: Columbia, MO --> Saint Louis, MO

Day 3: Saint Louis, MO --> Jonesboro, AR

Day 4: Jonesboro, AR --> Memphis, TN

Day 5: Memphis, TN --> Jackson, MS

Day 6: Jackson, MS --> New Orleans, LA

Day 7: New Orleans, LA

Day 8 & 9: New Orleans, LA --> Saint Peter, MN

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